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GBWhatsApp APK Download for Android Mobile Phones: Whatsapp is now one of the foremost popular messaging applications getting used worldwide. It facilitates you by offering several things at once, like chatting, calling, video calling, and media sharing. It is an ideal application for staying connected with the ones you love and care for. Almost all the people on earth having a smartphone must use WhatsApp as it is a widely used application.

GBWhatsapp Apk Crack Latest Setup 2021


Even after its extreme popularity and usage, it lacks a number of the many features demanded by its users. In this regard, there’s an answer for this, a mod application that’s increasing its functionality at a pro-level. It is making it a more valuable and secure application for its users. The application is GbWhatsApp Apk.


As mentioned, WhatsApp may be a quite widely used application. Still, it contains several restricted functions that are needed by people. Now the solution is here in the form of GBWhatsApp Apk. You can conveniently get access to all those restricted features by this WhatsApp mod application. In the list of several mod applications, this GB WhatsApp V9.1 Apk is that the best for all android users. It causes you to ready to use an excellent amount of the latest astounding features like themes, privacy tweaks, and a few other valuable features. It makes it much better than its official version.

Information about GBWhatsApp 2021 APK


Many websites don’t provide enough information about APKs but we are providing every small piece of information. The below table will provide you with the data regarding GBWA 2021 remake, APK size, required Android version, safety, and last updated. This will assist you to understand more about GBWhatsApp

APK and its latest versions.

  • App Name: GBWhatsApp
  • Version: 8.30 (Latest)
  • APK Size: 52 MB
  • Required: Android
  • Version: 4.0+

What’s New?

  • Based on 2.19.291.
  • Instagram-like stories feature, Enable it from Home Screen -> Header.
  • Added attention while enabling airplane mode.
  • Hide recent status update.
  • [Fixed] Send in Full resolution is not working.
  • [Fixed] Preview color when having a photo background
  • [Fixed] Proximity sensor (when disabled) not working
  • [Fixed] crash for Android 4.4 users
  • [Fixed] always online is not working
  • [Fixed] 80% of some are facing status download issues. (download previous status).


  • now you can send large files of videos, audios, images
  • you can send Up to 50 MB of video files
  • audio files are often shared up to 100 MB
  • The original quality of images while sending.
  • change video player in GBWhatsApp
  • now you can send more than 10 images
  • sharing video length is restricted to 7 minutes rather than 30 seconds


  • Also, hide double tick
  • hide online status
  • So, hide read message status
  • hidden chat feature
  • Also, hide writing status
  • hide recording status
  • New themes, multi-accounts, and languages

new GBWhatsapp themes

  • create and use themes are often employed by other GBWA users
  • download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • dual/multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • GBWA support various languages
  • Emoji, gifs, stickers, and launcher

new launcher icons

  • emoji changer available
  • you can change the notify bar icon
  • able to add stickers from the play store
  • multi-gif providers
  • Auto reply, copy status, always on
  • able to copy anyone’s status by just tapping on their status
  • always online feature
  • auto-reply of messages just like WhatsApp Business

Other cool features:

  • enable password
  • backup feature
  • message scheduling
  • change your last seen
  • amazing tick styles
  • connectable with WhatsApp web but features won’t work
  • Permissions Required
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Access Device Location
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Record Audio
  • Send SMS
  • Vibrate
  • Write Contacts
  • Write External Storage
  • Use Maps Services

Dual WhatsApp feature:

There is a big number of people in need to use more than one WhatsApp account on their cellphones. In the official application, it is not possible. This GBWhatsApp Apk lets you enjoy multiple accounts on your android device. It is a quite great application for those who want to use two different WhatsApp account for various reasons in one single cellphone.

  • Customization Features:

The official WhatsApp version’s default look is sort of boring. This modern mod WhatsApp gives you an amazing customization mode. By this, you can customize your WhatsApp in the way you want to. You can easily change different chat styles, launcher icons, conversation themes, ticks, and anything you want.

  • Privacy Features:

There are several optimized privacy features available during this GB WhatsApp V9.1 which aren’t available in official WhatsApp software. The ones whose core concern is the privacy of contacts and other things on WhatsApp is highly benefitted from these new privacy tweaks. These GBWhatsApp privacy features include hiding saw, second tick, blue read tick, online status, typing status, and such other things.

  • Secure and Ban Proof:

Several WhatsApp mods are there within the online industry. But the considerable point is that they’re not secure or banned proof. But glad to write down that the GBWhatsApp V9.1 download is totally secured with end-to-end encryption and it’s anti-ban. While using this, you’ll be completely protected as equivalent because of the official WhatsApp app.

  • Auto Reply Feature:

This new GBWhatsAappCrack download lets you send auto-replies to those who text you. It let you set a customized text to send to all your contacts who message you. This feature is quite beneficial for business use.

  • Message Scheduling Feature:

Another significant feature of GBWA is that it can schedule your messages. This feature will make several things much easy for you to manage. If you want to send wishes to someone, then you can schedule it to be on time and make your loved one happy.

Advantages :

After reading all the features of GBWA, you must have known the advantages of GBWA. It has numerous features that will never be available on official WhatsApp. You can use send bigger audio-video files, you can hide your online status, and many more which you may have read in this article. But every application which has advantages also has some disadvantages. Read the article to know more.

  • Disadvantages of GBWhatsApp APK

As you know, GBWhatsApp has tons of features that are so incredible. But GBWA is not recommended by official WA. And using GBWA for an extended time can lead to a permanent ban on your WhatsApp account. So it’s better to use a temporary number to prevent the ban. Use GBWA for temporary use and never use your main number for an account in GBWA.

  • People Also Ask About GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsApp is an alternate version of WhatsApp found on the web, also referred to as GBWA. This is a modded version which will be found on Gbwhatsapp’s official website, you’ll download it from One of the simplest MOD versions of WA allows some amazing features which may not be found on the standard version. You should know that the Gbmods WhatsApp isn’t served by WhatsApp Inc. It is developed and served by another developer, the motive is taking more advantage.

  • Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

No, the app isn’t safe for fair usage, if you employ GB Whatsapp, your account may get temporarily blocked by WhatsApp. On the opposite hand, it’s not harmful to your Android device. Many websites providing GBWhatsapp APK files and third-party links for their APK files, watch out for those sites they’ll shift malware to snitch your data. As long as you download the app from trusted websites like your device can be safe.

How do I download GBWhatsApp?

To download GBWhatsApp on your Android, visit the Gbwhatsapp official website Gbplus.Net, on the menu, click on, ‘GB WhatsApp Download’ clicking it you’ll be redirected to the download of GBWA. There you’ve got to pick the version, I like to recommend you, select the newest version and click on thereon. As soon as you click the download stars.

How to use GBWhatsApp safely

Kindly read the safe guide of MOD WhatsApp before you download GBWhatsApp.

Installation guide

You can not find the GBWhatsApp MOD version on Google Play, so you would like to download it from the location then install it manually. If you are doing not skills to put in GB WhatsApp on your Android you’ll follow this installation guide.

To install an APK file into the OS of your Android, you’ll get to activate the ‘Unknown sources’, located in settings>security>unknown sources. Then just follow these steps with images as shown below.

Installation Guide For GBWhatsApp APK 2021

Before you go anywhere you ought to read the installation guide of GBWhatsApp (GBWA). Because people forget to read the guide and face problems while installing this GBWA mod. Follow some easy steps down below to put in GBWA properly.

Step 1: After downloading Latest GBWhatsApp APK 2021, you’ve got to enable installation from an unknown source. We need to enable this feature because GBWA isn’t available on official stores like the play store. To enable unknown source installation, go to>settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source.

GBWA apk installing image

Step 2: After enabling installation from an unknown source, you have to locate the GBWA APK file on your device. For this you’ve got to travel to>device storage>downloads>GBWhatsApp APK 2021. Now just tap on the install button and wait for few seconds. It depends on your device ram.

GBWA apk installation image

Installation is completed safely. Now you’ll open GBWhatsApp APK 2021, make an account and luxuriate in these features of GBWA in your device. But before quitting this website, you’ll want to urge more information about GBWA. Read the frequently asked questions below for more information regarding device safety, multi-accounts, etc.


This section will provide you with the answers to some frequently asked questions about GBWhatsApp. Some questions come to our minds while using GBWA. So I am here to put an end to all apprehensions and I hope this FAQ will help you.

Question 1. Why use GBWhatsApp?

No one is forcing you to download the GBWA. It’s all your choice as you know its disadvantages and advantages. GBWhatsApp APK 2021 latest version offers numerous features that the official WhatsApp doesn’t have. But as I even have told you that GBWA isn’t officially recommended. You can use GBWA on your device with a short-lived number because it’s going to lead your account to ban permanently official WhatsApp. But temporary use of GBWhatsApp is fair. So what do you think? And don’t worry because now you’ve got all the knowledge regarding GBWA and official WhatsApp.

Question 2. Can I make audio-video calls in GBWhatsApp’s latest 2021 APK?

Yes, as we know how important is this feature of calling. Like WhatsApp, GBWA 2021 also has an audio-video calling feature. All you need is a stable data connection to enjoy this feature. Call any friend who is on WhatsApp without paying any amount of money except wifi or data connection. Some of the old versions of GBWA don’t have this feature though but we are providing the latest GBWhatsApp to ensure you the best calling feature.

Question 3.How to update GBWhatsApp 2021 version?

Without updates, any application will be limited but having new updates and introducing new features makes an application runnable for a long time. That’s why GBWA is updated from time to time. You can update GBWA by just replacing the old app with the new one, just visit its official website to download the newest version of GBWA. You can visit our website also to download GBWA free of charge and with one tap.

Question 4. Is GBWhatsApp 2021 safe?

When we talk about device safety then GBWhatsApp is safe because it doesn’t require a rooted device. But using GBWhatsApp leads your account to ban. So I counsel you to use a short-lived number for the GBWA account. Never use your important phone number to make an account on GBWA. Because it will lead your WhatsApp account to a permanent ban. Although, use GBWA for temporary use on a short-lived number to enjoy these features of GBWA without rooting your device.

Question 5. Can I use multi-accounts in GBWhatsapp APK 2021?

Yes, you can use multi-accounts in GBWA. You can use 2 or 3 or maybe 4 accounts on GBWA. Even you’ll use Official WhatsApp 2021 and GBWhatsApp on an equivalent device. But you need a different number for both applications. Because if you sign your official WhatsApp account on the GBWhatsApp then your official WhatsApp account expires automatically. So that you would like a secondary number to form an account on GBWA if you’re using official WhatsApp on your device.

Final Verdict

After reading all the features, advantages, disadvantages, frequently asked questions, you must have known about GBWhatsApp APK Version 2021. As I told you before, GBWA has a lot of features like hiding many features i.e. GBWA offers plenty of themes, customized themes, and multimedia features. But instead of all these GBWA have disadvantages like the permanent ban of your account. So, as I told you before, use a temporary number for GBWA. Download Updated Version of GBWhatsApp 2021 for one-tap on our site.

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